ConXus Adminstrator: Management Reports

Available: September 1, 2009

ConXus Administrator provides client administrators with tools for managing programs and reporting data. This product upgrade includes additional reports for:

  • ConXus Profile – health risk assessment
  • ConXus Portal Management
  • ConXus User Management

These reports can be run for the total population, and for specific employer groups and subgroups.

Implementation Timeline and Process

The additional reports are available for deployment beginning September 1, 2009. Please contact Client Services to request detailed technical documentation and to schedule your upgrade.

ConXus Profile Reports

1. HRA Management Reports

As a part of the new reporting upgrade in ConXus Administrator, the existing HRA Management report link will be discontinued and replaced with a new report group. Enhanced report filters make the process of producing management reports more efficient and reliable. Clients will see this change appear in the navigator once the new report group has been deployed to each client site. The new report group, HRA Management Reports, will include the following reports:

  • HRA Listing – Provides information about each member that has started an HRA and the status of each HRA.
  • HRAs by Date – Provides summarized HRA participation and status for a selected date range. This report is delivered as either a PDF chart or an Excel data table.
  • HRA Results Listing – Provides detailed HRA information on members for the following HRA sections:
  • Biometric Data – Detailed vitals and laboratory results in a color-coded format differentiating self-reported information from lab or administrator entered results.
  • Readiness to Change – Detailed lifestyle assessment results for each member with readiness-to-change status.

2. Population Comparison Report
This PDF report, designed for presentation to end clients, compares risk factors for a given population for two time periods. The report can be generated for two different data sets: cohort or population. A new report presentation has been added to this report group to allow administrators the ability to identify individuals included in both the cohort and population report. This listing can be selected on the final report generation page and is provided in Excel format.

ConXus User Management Reports

The ConXus User Management reports provide administrators with information necessary to execute effective programs and track participation numbers.

1. Registered User Report

This report provides a listing of all registered users in the system and additional contact information which can be used to distribute program information for mass mailings.

2. Incentive Reports

The existing Rewards Reports will be moved from their current Report Group and moved to the new ConXus User Management Reports group. The Incentive Reports still include the following reports:

  • Incentive Awards Itemized
  • Incentive Redemptions Itemized
  • Incentive Awards and Redemptions Cumulative

ConXus Portal Management Reports

ConXus Portal Management Reports provide administrators reports to manage and assist with project administration.

1. Eligibility Reports

These reports provide information for program administrators to report eligible participants and to aggregate eligibility data. Eligibility reports assist in program management by providing:

  • Easy extraction of users who are eligible but have not registered, to target enrollment information to these users.
  • Registration percentages for employer groups.