ConXus Connection: Hydrate for Life! Challenge

Available: October 27, 2014

Hydrate for Life! Challenge

The Hydrate for Life! challenge is a preconfigured hydration challenge. With this challenge participants can track their fluid intake, review milestones with health information and motivating tips, and earn incentives for reaching each milestone.

The Hydrate for Life! challenge is available for individuals and teams.

Personal, Individual & Team Challenges

The Hydrate for Life! challenge can be deployed to support different challenge models:

  • Personal challenges allow participants to start at any time and to advance at their own pace.
  • Corporate individual and team challenges require a defined start and end date, with all participants involved at the same time. Teams compete against one another, measuring team average distance when determining progress.

Promotional Materials

The customizable toolkit includes the following promotional materials:

  • Poster templates
  • Mailers
  • A how-to guide for wellness coordinators

Clients may update these templates using Adobe Acrobat Professional, or PDHI can customize the materials for an additional fee.