ConXus Direct v2.0

Available: October 1, 2009

ConXus Direct v2.0 provides a major upgrade to the health coach information and documentation system and supports in-person, telephonic, and online coaching modalities.

New and enhanced features include:

  • A scheduling system that manages coaching sessions, allowing program participants, coaches, or support staff to arrange appointments.
  • Configurable task management options for enhanced coach workflow and standardized care delivery.
  • An improved user interface that presents a unified participant profile, integrating self-reported data, coaching notes, and data loaded from third parties, such as lab results.
  • More flexible assignment of participants to coaching groups and coaches, to accommodate multisite, multivendor models.
  • Enhanced secure messaging system that supports message attachments.
  • Enhanced administrator tools, available self-service online, for measuring performance, productivity, and outcomes.

Upgrade Timeline and Process

ConXus Direct v2.0 is available for upgrade from October 1, 2009. Please contact Client Services to request detailed technical documentation and to schedule your upgrade.

Description of Enhancements

The changes included in version 2.0 are as follows:


The scheduling system allows coaches and program administrators to define coach availability and coaching session duration. Appointments can then be scheduled by program participants, coaches, or support staff, based on client business rules. After the appointment has been confirmed, an iCal meeting notice is sent so that the appointment can be integrated into the participant’s online calendar, such as Outlook.

Coaches also use the scheduling system to manage their scheduled and to-be-scheduled appointments and to gain direct access to associated participant data.

Task Management

The task management system defines the activities that a health coach needs to complete for each step of the program. It also provides reminders for tasks that are due for completion and tracks task status.

Each task may relate to an individual participant and/or specific data items belonging to that participant, such as a health risk assessment or an action plan. Tasks can be created and assigned to a coach automatically based on system events, such as completion of a health risk assessment, or may be created and assigned manually.

Unified Participant Profile

The unified participant profile integrates participant self-reported data, coaching notes, and data loaded from third parties, such as lab results, giving coaches immediate access to all data needed to complete a coaching session. Drill down capability allows each individual record to be reviewed from a simplified navigation tree.

Coaching Groups

Flexible assignment of participants to coaching groups and coaches supports multisite, multivendor models. A site can support an unlimited number of coaching groups. Each participant is assigned to a single coaching group, either manually or automatically based on program rules. Each health coach can be assigned to one or more coaching groups and can then participate in the management of members of that coaching group.

Secure Messaging

The secure messaging system has been enhanced to support message attachments, with the option to create a library of standard attachment files. This allows the distribution of program information, such as laboratory forms or class schedules, as well as health education materials.


An extensive set of coaching reports measure performance, productivity, and outcomes of a coach, coaching group, or program.