ConXus Platform v2

Available: April 25, 2011

Protocol Driven Healthcare (PDHI) announces the release of the ConXus Platform v2. Key enhancements in this upgrade include:

Participant User Interfaces

The participant-facing web site has been upgraded to provide a cleaner, more modern user interface with improved navigation. Information is presented on single pages with very limited use of scroll bars.

Program Center

In addition to program-specific text, the program center supports multiple client defined attachments, e.g. PDF files, to provide communication materials to participants.

To-Do List

To increase engagement rates, a personalized To-Do list is displayed on all pages. The To-Do list automatically updates next actions so participants can access any available program activity with one mouse click.

To-Do List

Health Risk Assessment

The questionnaire and online member report have been divided into sections for easier reading, with improved navigation between sections.

Action Plans

Action plans have been restructured to include a “Making a Plan” element that allows the participant to set goals and identify barriers.The goals selected are used to deliver personalized lessons, catering to novice and more knowledgeable users. Risky drinking and depression have been added to the library of action plans available.


Challenges have been restructured to support the award of incentives when defined milestones are reached, rewarding results as well as participation. Support has been added for team challenges.


Support is provided for multi-occurrence events with a checklist of approved items, reducing set-up time.

Biometric Data Management

The biometric data load process and health coach biometric entry functions have been improved to provide tighter integration with the Personal Health Record and to give greater flexibility in matching screening results to HRA questionnaires.

Program Setup and Delivery

The ConXus Administrator v2 tools give PDHI clients more control over program setup and delivery, allowing programs to be configured based on the needs of each employer end client. Initially, PDHI Clients Services personnel will provide program setup services. Over the next few months, more utilities will be released to those clients who would like to take advantage of self-service capabilities.

Upgrade Process

ConXus v2 is available in production. Your migration to ConXus v2 does, however, require planning as the best time to migrate most employer end clients is at the start of their next wellness cycle. To plan your migration, please contact Client Services at 515-440-8390, option 1 or 888-816-4006, toll free or using the Customer Connection Portal.

A demonstration site using ConXus v2 has been set up for each client. To review your demonstration site, please schedule a WebEx with David Abel.