ConXus Profile Short Form

Available: March 16, 2009

ConXus Profile Short Form offers a short form of the ConXus Profile adult health risk assessment. The shorter format facilitates completion by populations with low literacy and reduces processing costs of paper assessments.

The short form delivers all the functionality required to assess current health risk, including biometrics, but omits chronic and future disease risk assessments that appear in the long form.

Clients can deliver both long and short forms to the same population or subgroup and can switch between long and short forms from year to year. Aggregate reports support both versions when deployed within the same population and time period.

Implementation Timeline and Process

ConXus Profile Short Form is available for deployment from March 16, 2009. Please contact PDHI Customer Support to request detailed technical documentation and to schedule your implementation.

Description of Enhancements

The short-form HRA uses a subset of the long form questions, reducing the number of questions from about 70 to 40, depending on the age, gender, and health risks of the participant. The user report shrinks to about 5 pages and the paper questionnaire to 4 pages.