ConXus Profile v2.4.1

Available: September 21, 2009

ConXus Profile v2.4.1 provides a Wellness Score for each completed health risk assessment. This Wellness Score replaces the Current Health Risk in the Member Report and Provider Report.

The Current Health Risk is still calculated and stored in the database and is available in the Data Export File and as an option within the HRA Comparison Report.

A Wellness Score has been calculated and stored for existing HRAs for all prior versions of ConXus Profile, allowing comparison to prior results.

Note: This release contains no changes to the Health Risk Assessment questionnaire.

Upgrade Timeline and Process

ConXus Profile v2.4.1 (English and Spanish) is available for upgrade from September 21, 2009. Please contact PDHI Client Services to request detailed technical documentation and to schedule your upgrade.

Description of Enhancements

The Wellness Score is calculated from sixteen modifiable risk factors. These risk factors are:

  • An initial and a final assessment that provides a profile of:
Lifestyle: Eating habits
Physical activity
Alcohol use
Tobacco use
Substance use
Motor vehicle safety
Biometrics: BMI
Waist circumference
Blood pressure
Total cholesterol
HDL cholesterol
Fasting blood sugar
Health status: Self-rating of health
Sick days
Health management: Compliance with recommended preventive screenings

Non-modifiable risk factors, such as age, and personal or family medical history, are not included in the calculation, so all participants have the potential to achieve a perfect wellness score. These non-modifiable risk factors are used in calculating the Chronic Conditions Impact and Future Disease Risk Scores also included in the health risk assessment.

Calculation of the Wellness Score

Each lifestyle, biometric, and health status factor is scored as follows:

Risk Score
Healthy 2
Moderate risk, Incomplete 1
High risk 0

Note: Incomplete risk factors occur when biometric results are self-reported as unknown, or when incomplete paper questionnaires are loaded.

Preventive screenings vary by age and gender, so are scored using the percentage of screenings for which the user is eligible that are on target:

Risk On-Target Percentage Score
Healthy >=66% 2
Moderate risk, Incomplete 34 – 65% 1
High risk <=33% 0

A total score is calculated by adding the scores from each of these 16 risk factors. The result is then normalized to provide a Wellness Score in the range 33 to 100, where a score of 100 indicates that all risk factors are healthy — optimum health behavior.

Note: If a user improves one of these 16 risk factors from high risk to moderate risk or from moderate risk to healthy, then his/her wellness score will increase by two points.

The Wellness Score is assigned to a risk group and color-coded within the Member Report summary table as follows:

80 or higher Healthy (green)
70 to 79 Moderate risk (yellow)
Less than 70 High risk (red)

Note: Analysis of HRAs within the ConXus database from multiple clients gives a distribution of wellness scores approximately as follows:

80 or higher (Healthy) 60%
70 to 79 (Moderate risk) 30%
Less than 70 (High risk) 10%