ConXus Profile v3.0

Available: April 25, 2011

ConXus Profile v3.0 is a version of the health risk assessment designed to run on ConXus Platform v2. The changes in this release include an improved user interface and the ability for the user to switch between English and Spanish versions of the HRA at any time. There have been no data or algorithm changes in this release.

ConXus Profile v3.0 includes changes to the following product components:

  • Questionnaire
  • Member report

Upgrade Timeline and Process

ConXus Profile v3.0 (English and Spanish) is available for upgrade from May 1st, 2011. Please contact PDHI Customer Support to:

  • Request detailed technical documentation
  • Schedule your upgrade

Description of the Enhancements

User Interface

The questionnaire and online member report have been divided into sections for easier reading and improved navigation between sections. Each section begins with a color-coded risk summary that compares the current HRA to the two previous questionnaires. Subsequent pages within the section provide a detailed explanation of each risk and recommended actions for health improvement.

Spanish Language

The user can now choose to take the HRA in English or Spanish at the time the HRA is started, this is no longer determined by user type. In addition, the user can switch between English and Spanish versions at any time during completion of the questionnaire or when viewing the member report.