ConXus Steps: Smoking Cessation Action Plan

Available: January 22, 2009

“Quit Smoking” has been added to the online health action plan library that is available as part of the ConXus Steps product. This personal lifestyle-behavior change program comprises:

  • An assessment of smoking-related health risk, quality of life, and nicotine dependence and development of a personalized plan for quitting.
  • An interactive tutorial – Smoking: Your Choice.
  • Eight learning modules offering tips on preparing to quit, surviving without cigarettes, and staying smoke free.
  • Weekly progress tracker.
  • Integrated coaching sessions, for clients using ConXus Direct.
  • Satisfaction survey.

Client configuration rules support assignment of the Quit Smoking action plan by participant self-selection, by the health coach, or automatically based on health risk assessment results.

Upgrade Process

Clients licensing ConXus Steps may upgrade to receive the Quit Smoking health action plan without any change to existing technology access fees. Standard action-plan template setup fees, however, will apply. Please contact Client Services for more information.