PDHI Enhances Personal Device Connectivity for Corporate Wellness Programs

Bernardsville, NJ, March 5, 2014. PDHI, a leader in workplace wellness platform solutions, announces enhanced connectivity for popular personal fitness devices, now including the Fitbit® family of devices, as well as Fitbug Orb®, Jawbone® UP™, and BodyMedia® FIT.

Using a simple interface, participants in wellness programs can link their preferred personal fitness device, join an individual or team challenge, and autolog step activity, receiving incentives as they reach each milestone.

“By connecting with an expanded range of personal devices, we provide more choices for participants to engage and additional options for employers to drive behavior change,” said Jennifer Jolley, PDHI’s president. “We continue to develop the ConXus Platform to provide seamless data integration, flexible delivery models for our clients, and extended access for health coaches, screeners, program administrators, and participants.”

ConXus Challenges focus on simple lifestyle changes and provide multiple deployment options. Personal challenges allow each participant to complete the challenge at his/her own pace. Corporate challenges have a defined start and end date and can be completed individually or by teams, where participants form teams that compete against each other.

Pre-configured challenges include captivating images as well as tips and educational materials, progress charts, and motivational push messages. Configuration tools allow clients the flexibility to develop custom challenge routes and milestones.

About PDHI

PDHI is a technology services organization that develops and distributes the ConXus Platform for delivering workplace wellness and population health management programs. ConXus solutions are scalable and flexible, driving process efficiency and project control for clients. PDHI’s open-systems approach features extensive administrative tools and user interfaces for client portal environments. PDHI clients include wellness providers, accountable-care organizations, large employers, third-party administrators, hospital systems, and health plans.

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