ConXus Biometrics v1.0

Available: August 12, 2013

ConXus Biometrics is a secure online application for managing biometric data collected at health fairs and wellness screenings.


Designed to improve the quality and timeliness of data collection, ConXus Biometrics:

  • Consolidates biometric data from multiple vendors and venues, including screenings completed:
    1. Onsite at health fairs
    2. At a lab visit
    3. In the physician office
    4. At home using a kit
  • Populates ConXus Health (personal health record), ConXus Profile (health risk assessment), and ConXus Direct (wellness coaching).
  • Awards incentives for completed screenings or on-target results, based on plan design.
  • Exports results to client data warehouse or to third-party vendors.
  • Provides extensive participation and aggregate reports at the client administrator portal.


Onsite Screening

  • Verifies participant eligibility at the time of screening and enforces one screening per participant per program.
  • Allows screeners to efficiently enter results and print a participant report that provides immediate feedback. The report may also be delivered online at the wellness portal.
  • Enables configuration of each health fair by client administrators, including data elements to be collected, devices used, and screener access.

Data Loading

  • Loads data from central labs or third-party vendors on a scheduled or as-needed basis.
  • Provides immediate online access to log and error files.
  • Verifies participant eligibility at the time of data load.
  • Supports full or partial data loads and corrections to previously loaded data.