ConXus Profile for Tablets

Available: February 27, 2012

Designed for HRA completion at biometric screening events and health fairs, ConXus Profile v3.0 for Tablets is a version of the health risk assessment optimized for use on tablet computers.

ConXus Profile for Tablets provides direct access to the questionnaire and takes advantage of the touch screen capabilities of tablets for easy data entry.

ConXus Profile for Tablets has been validated on the iPad and Samsung Galaxy 10.1; other Android tablets available on request.

Requires Wi-Fi or 3G service.

Implementation Timeline and Process

ConXus Profile v3.0 for Tablets is available for upgrade from March 1st, 2012. Please contact PDHI Customer Support to request detailed technical documentation.

Detailed Description

ConXus Profile for Tablets offers simplified data collection for health fairs and biometric screening events, removing the need for kiosks and paper forms.

Participants can be authenticated against eligibility data at registration so that questionnaires entered using the tablet are available immediately to coaches and administrators at the web portal.

Full validation of responses takes place at data entry, ensuring complete and consistent data collection. Touch screen functionality simplifies questionnaire completion for participants who are not frequent PC users.