ConXus Steps: Healthwise Videos

Available: February 27, 2013

Videos from the Healthwise® Video Library have been integrated into selected lessons within the ConXus Steps suite of personalized health action plans.

These short-length (1-2 minute) animated and expert-hosted videos utilize plain language with action-focused, decision-based content. The videos support closed-captioning for those with hearing impairment.

For clients licensing ConXus Knowledgebase, the complete Healthwise® Video Library is now available in the Health Library.

Implementation Timeline and Process

This upgrade will be applied during our scheduled maintenance window (4:00am to 6:00am CT) on Tuesday, February 27th, 2013.

This is an automatic upgrade for clients who license the health action plans and will be applied to all deployed action plans, including those already started. There are no additional fees for use of the videos within action plans.

For clients who license ConXus Knowledgebase, end-users have immediate access to the full library through the Health Library link from the portal. There are no additional fees for use of the Video Library within Knowledgebase.