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Health Systems

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Hospitals and health systems deliver wellness programs to their own employees as well as to local employers and communities. They require enabling technology that supports the efficient delivery of a range of wellness program options and allows the flexibility to deploy internal and external resources. ConXus provides a proven, scalable, enterprise-wide platform to support these programs.

Key Benefits for Health Systems

Key benefits of the ConXus Platform for hospital systems include:

  • Flexible delivery options from a common, integrated platform.
  • Full ownership and access to all application data from a centralized database.
  • Control of program design and delivery.
  • Support for telephonic, onsite, and web-based coaching models.
  • Data exchange through web services and batch import/export.
  • Integrated decision support to provide population segmentation, program targeting, and impact analysis.
  • HITRUST CSF Certification, meeting the highest standards for security and protection of health information.

Wellness Programs

The ConXus Platform enables delivery of comprehensive wellness programs that include assessment and stratification, biometric screening, behavior change, health coaching, wellness challenges and events, and incentive tracking and fulfillment. The ConXus Platform:

  • Can be privately labeled, incorporating your logos, fonts, and colors for consistent branding and employer sub-branding.
  • Supports synchronized logon with your portal, if available, and offers an employee portal with eligibility file management for nonmembers and organizations that do not run a portal.
  • Supports program localization to meet individual worksite requirements. Localization components include program information, branding, incentive levels, fulfillment options, and deployment of challenges and events.
  • Effectively coordinates the management of multiple vendors providing services such as incentive fulfillment, health coaching, biometric screenings, and wellness events.
  • Provides administration tools for setting up and supporting employer end clients and generating reports.