Market Overview

Many organizations delivering comprehensive workplace wellness programs have chosen to license individual applications, such as a health risk assessment and tools for incentive tracking and coaching. While this approach allows selection of best-of-breed applications, it presents significant challenges with data integration and inconsistencies in the user experience.

An alternative option is to develop applications in-house. While offering great flexibility, this approach requires substantial, continued investment in maintenance and support, as the market evolves due to new approaches, new technologies, and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

The PDHI ConXus Platform provides a single solution that addresses these issues by:

  • Integrating participant, coaching, and administration applications to optimize the participant experience and maximize the efficiency of coaches and program administrators.
  • Using a software-as-a-service model that allows rapid deployment and access to capacity based on need.
  • Providing configuration options that support a variety of delivery models and local program requirements.
  • Meeting rigorous security standards for the protection of personal health information.
  • Delivering a common application across multiple devices (PC, tablet, and smartphone) that allows user choice.

PDHI clients that license the ConXus workplace wellness platform include:

  • Brokers: Servicing many end clients with wellness programs using a combination of internal and external resources.
  • Employers: Managing the delivery of wellness programs using a combination of internal and external resources.
  • Health Plans and TPAs: Servicing plan members and employer end clients with wellness programs for wellness and population health management programs.
  • Hospital Systems: Managing the delivery of wellness programs for both their own employees and external groups.
  • Wellness Providers: Servicing many employer end clients with a range of wellness programs.

For brokers and employers that do not want to use internal resources to manage and support program delivery, PDHI can provide an extensive list of wellness providers that have deployed the PDHI ConXus Platform to support their service models. Please contact us for more information.