ConXus Platform Setup |

Integration Options

Participant Access

To access the ConXus Platform, participants can use single sign-on for synchronized logon from one or more client portals or direct logon from the ConXus Managed Portal.

The ConXus Managed Portal provides registration, authentication, and eligibility file management services. Multiple end clients may use the same managed portal as long as branding, usage instructions, and any terms and conditions are common to all groups.

The eligibility-file load process supports CSV (comma-separated value) and fixed-length files. Eligibility files are transferred using a secure FTP server at intervals agreed upon by the client and PDHI.

Private Labeling

The ConXus Portal can be private-labeled with client logos, fonts, and colors. Independent branding is supported for each service level, together with optional sub-branding for each end client.

Content Integration

Integration options allow client and third-party content to be integrated with the ConXus Platform and within specific modules.

Data Exchange

Batch or real-time data import and export processes support data exchange with client systems.

  • Web services and batch-import processes populate ConXus modules with data (prescription refills, laboratory results, and key events from claims data or EMR systems) from third-party sources.
  • Client administrator personnel and systems have full access to all data within the ConXus Platform through web-service interfaces, online reports accessed from ConXus Administrator, and batch-export options.