Advanced Solutions for Population Health and Workplace Wellness

ConXus Platform

Wellness providers, health plans, health systems, brokers, and large employers license the ConXus Platform to deliver comprehensive, private-labeled workplace wellness and health management programs. ConXus is delivered using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that allows rapid deployment and unlimited scalability.

Integrated Solution

ConXus provides a fully integrated solution for program participants, health coaches, screeners, and administrators. Modules can be licensed individually or in combination.

Flexible Delivery Options

Clients can configure modules to match program design for each end client or workplace, using the Administrator Portal to onboard and support each group.

ConXus Platform

ConXus Portal Solutions

  • Supports white-labeled client branding and program design
  • Offers integrated health assessments, self-management tools, challenges, and wellness events
  • Directs participants through the program with a dynamic personal dashboard optimized for any PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Autologs data from personal fitness devices and apps

ConXus Platform - Health Coaching System

ConXus Direct—Health Coaching & Documentation System

  • Automates stratification and eligibility for coaching
  • Enhances the coaching encounter by providing the coach real-time access to program data
  • Supports online scheduling, secure messaging with participants, and goal setting
  • Provides the flexibility and control to use multiple coaching vendors

ConXus Platform - Incentive Management

ConXus Rewards—Incentive Management

  • Supports incentive programs based on participation, results, and qualifying activities
  • Provides real-time incentive status to participants and administrators
  • Manages reasonable alternatives and medical exemptions
  • Consolidates program data from multiple vendors

ConXus Platform - Biometrics Management

ConXus Biometrics—Biometrics Management

  • Supports data collection at health fairs, from central labs, and from physician forms
  • Consolidates data from multiple screening vendors
  • Provides real-time access to results
  • Prepopulates the health risk assessment

ConXus Administrator—Self-Service Program Administration

  • Provides online tools to onboard and support each end client
  • Offers extensive self-service reports for program management and outcome measurement
  • Manages data exchange with third-party applications
  • Controls access to data and functions based on class of administrator