Biometric Screenings | Wellness Platform

Biometric Screenings

ConXus Biometrics centralizes management of your health screening programs. It consolidates results from multiple vendors and venues, including screenings completed on-site at health fairs, at central labs, in the physician office, or at home using a kit.

ConXus Biometrics is available as a standalone application or as part of the integrated ConXus Platform.

Health Fairs

Tools are provided for scheduling events, allocating screening personnel, and configuring data collection requirements. Screeners can verify participant eligibility, enter results, make follow-up recommendations, and print a participant report. The secure online application transfers results in real time.

Provider Forms

Deliver a branded physician results form at the Wellness & Benefits Hub prepopulated with the participant’s identifying information. Participants may download and print the form for sharing with the physician, upload the completed form at the Wellness & Benefits Hub, or return by mail or fax for processing by your staff or by PDHI’s data management services.

Vendors & Labs

Load data from central labs and screening vendors on a scheduled or as-needed basis. In addition to our standard file format, we support the native formats delivered by Quest Diagnostics, Impact Health, LabCorp, Hooper Holmes, and CRL Labs.

Data managers are given full visibility into the data exchange process including status, logs, and error files. The load process verifies participant eligibility, supports full or partial data loads, and manages corrections to previously loaded data.

Pharmacy Screenings

Participants can easily obtain biometric screenings and flu shots from a network of over 7,500 pharmacies through our partnership with eTrueNorth. From the wellness portal, participants can find a pharmacy and either download and print a voucher or email it to themselves. Each participant’s results are automatically uploaded after the screening into wellness portal and the health assessment.

The pharmacy screening program is a fully integrated component of the ConXus Wellness Platform, providing screeners, participants, health coaches, and administrators access to results in real time.

Using Results

Screening results from all sources are consolidated into a central database. Results populate ConXus Health (personal health record), ConXus Profile (health assessment), and ConXus Direct (health coaching) and can trigger incentive awards for completion and on-target results.

Batch-export tools allow results to be transferred to your data warehouse or to your partners on a scheduled or as-needed basis. Multiple formats and file types are supported.

Program managers may run reports self-service at the Administrator Portal or schedule to run periodically. Management reports track participation rates in real time. Biometric risk reports provide an analysis of results for a program. Trend reports compare results across programs.