ConXus Steps: Financial Wellness Action Plan

Available: July 12, 2012

PDHI has added Financial Wellness to the ConXus Steps online health action plan library.

ConXus Steps is a suite of personalized action plans that promote behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices. The library contains nine action plans covering a range of lifestyle and disease prevention topics.

ConXus Steps has received Health Information Products (HIP 2) Certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Detailed Description

The Financial Wellness plan guides participants through an 8-week lifestyle-behavior-change program that helps them to understand their spending and saving habits. They also learn the benefits of financial planning and how to reduce stressful feelings about finances through better money management skills.

The financial wellness plan helps participants to:

  • Set realistic goals toward better cash management and saving habits.
  • Overcome barriers to reaching these goals.
  • Track progress toward each goal, transforming small changes into healthier financial habits.
  • Locate people, organizations, and information that can provide consistent support.

Implementation Timeline & Process

Clients who license ConXus Steps may upgrade to receive the Financial Wellness action plan without any change to existing technology access fees. Please contact Client Services for more information.