Latest Enhancements on the ConXus Platform

Product Updates

Introducing the Park Pass – Southeast Activity Challenge

Introducing the fourth installment of our National Park activity challenge series, Park Pass – Southeast! Get your participants engaged with a virtual journey connecting with nature in the Southwest National Parks while increasing physical activity. Park Pass – Southeast features exercises that prepare and support the body for popular outdoor activities in each park, such as hiking, snorkeling, biking, and kayaking at each of the U.S. Northeast National Parks.

Introducing the Park Pass – Northeast Activity Challenge

Introducing the third installment of our National Park activity challenge series, Park Pass – Northeast! Get your participants engaged with a virtual journey through the Northeast national parks where fitness meets the great outdoors. Park Pass – Northeast focuses on improving physical activity by trying new exercises inspired by popular activities like ice-skating, tide pooling, and scuba diving at each of the U.S. Northeast National Parks.

ConXus Platform Enhancements – December 2023

These enhancements include updates to software functionality and features as well as fixes to reported issues.

ConXus Profile v4.4 Health Assessment

ConXus Profile v4.4 includes:

  • Updated questions for social factors and mood/depression screening for compliance with Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) 2023 measures.
  • Minor changes to the health equity questions added in v4.3.
  • Updated health risk colors.
  • Additional data export file formats.

Introducing the Park Pass – Northwest Activity Challenge

Introducing the second installment of our National Park activity challenge series, Park Pass – Northwest! With their peaks and alpine lakes, the Northwest’s National Parks are nature’s playground and an activity lover’s dream. Park Pass – Northwest features exercises that prepare and support the body for popular outdoor activities in each park such as hiking, golfing, skiing, and kayaking.

Introducing the Park Pass – Southwest Activity Challenge

Get ready for our newest and most exciting wellness challenge yet! Park Pass – Southwest takes challengers through the breathtaking beauty of the United States national parks in the Southwest region while embarking on a transformative wellness journey.

Second Generation Challenges: Relax & Revive, Hydrate For Life, and Sleep Smart

Keep your participants engaged in their well-being with the release of version 2.0 of three of our most popular wellness challenges, Relax & Revive, Hydrate For Life, and Sleep Smart. These updates feature enhanced messaging, refreshed milestones, and stunning visuals, making them the most engaging and motivating challenges yet.

ConXus Platform Enhancements — June 2023

These enhancements include updates to software functionality and features as well as fixes to reported issues.

ConXus Platform Enhancements — April 2023

These enhancements include updates to software functionality and features as well as fixes to reported issues.

ConXus Platform Enhancements — March 2023

These enhancements include upgrades to the underlying platform technology, updates to software functionality and features, and fixes to several reported issues.

Next Generation Make a Move Challenge

We’ve unleashed the next generation of Make a Move, our most popular wellness challenge, and it’s better than ever! Enhanced messaging, stunning visuals, and new motivational milestones make this release sure to engage users even further in their fitness journey.

ConXus Profile v4.3 Health Assessment

ConXus Profile v4.3 extends the questions in the General section to collect data items required to meet health equity accreditation standards. Responses to these questions are included in the Provider Report and data files.

Introducing Our 20th Wellness Challenge & Updates to Reporting Filters

Keep your wellness program fresh with our new Back on Track wellness challenge that helps participants build confidence and resilience in uncertain times, reducing stress, burnout, and anxiety.

New At-Home Self-Collection Kits

PDHI is pleased to announce a new partnership with CoreMedica Labs, giving clients the ability to utilize an At-Home Self-Collection Kit fully integrated into the ConXus Biometrics platform. Clients will now be able to offer a self-collection kit for those participants unable to utilize an existing biometric collection method.

ConXus Profile v4.2: Health Assessment

ConXus Profile v4.2 adds a new, optional section to the questionnaire and assessments to identify and risk stratify social determinants of health. It also includes updates to existing questions, assessments, and the member report for compliance with current guidelines, in addition to revised report links and usability enhancements.

Action Plan Takeaways & Enriched Messaging

This update includes enhancements to the participant user interface and new program management functions for client administrators.

New Fitness Device Integration

This update replaces PDHI’s existing fitness device integration partner, Validic, with a new partner, HumanAPI. It is important to note that when the update is deployed on Monday, November 8th, we will continue to support the existing integration with Validic. Participants who are currently using the Validic device integration will continue to do so and will not be negatively impacted while we transition all participants to the new integration partner. Validic support will end on December 31, 2021.

New Themes, Challenge Capabilities, and More!

This update includes new branding options, an enhanced experience for challenge participants, and updates for client administrators.

ConXus Platform Enhancements — July 2021

This update includes enhancements to the participant user interface and new program management functions for client administrators.

Text Messaging and Portal Updates

This update delivers enhancements to the action plan widget and adds the ability to implement text messaging, as required.

ConXus Platform Enhancements – June 2021

This update delivers new functions that allow client administrators to better communicate with participants and includes enhancements to the participant user interface for better home page messaging.

ConXus Platform Enhancements – April 2021

This update adds support in preparation for the upcoming member text messaging functionality. It also includes expanded customization options to the member assessment and infocard widgets, and additional administrator export capabilities.

Stop the Spread Update

We have expanded our Stop the Spread challenge to include the prevention of colds, flu, and other viral infections.

New Variety of Wellness Challenges

We’ve enhanced our suite of challenge topics to include financial wellness, COVID-19 prevention, and household organization.

Coaching & Member Support Enhancements

This update provides enhancements to coaching and member support functions.

New Health at Home Challenge

To help your participants stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, PDHI has developed a new physical activity challenge — Health at Home. Participants track their home-based activities and reach milestones that offer guidance for all ability levels.

New Coronavirus Resources

In light of the current pandemic, PDHI has partnered with Healthwise to offer free resources about the coronavirus, or COVID-19. We have created a Coronavirus Resources widget for all clients regardless of their contract options for the Healthwise Knowledgebase. This widget includes information on how to stay healthy and help stop the spread.

New Scheduler and Screening Enhancements

ConXus Biometrics has been enhanced to include a fully integrated scheduling system for onsite screening events, which removes the need to use third party products. This update also adds a new screening widget for the member dashboard, a new results import option, and enhancements to the screening reports.

Program Reporting Enhancements

This update includes enhancements to the event report and the action plan report to provide greater flexibility in output. It also includes enhancements to the report processing pages to simplify report administration.

New Action Plan Dashboard

This update delivers a new action plan dashboard that provides a complete view of each action plan. The dashboard is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices while presenting the active step in a wider widget on larger displays.

Content Personalization & Challenge Enhancements

This update includes new personalization to the Health Library widget, a new option to support validated weight requirements in the weight management challenges, a new Bases Loaded activity challenge, and improvements when using attachments in messaging. This update also provides administrators with additional options for incentive and challenge reporting.

New Program Reports and Administration Tools

This update includes a new program summary report and tools for the bulk administration of client (coach and screener) user accounts.

Three New Wellness Challenges

Now available for client deployment are three new challenges designed to improve the mind and body.

ConXus Platform Enhancements – November 2018

This update includes new options for the management of incentive points, an updated user interface for the coaching system, as well as enhancements to the wellness hub.

ConXus Platform Enhancements – October 2018

This update includes enhanced program testing capabilities for program managers as well as a number of other enhancements.

New Big Island Trek Challenge

Now available for client deployment is a new activity challenge call Big Island Trek. This challenge encourages participants to explore the exotic Hawaiian isle while increasing physical activity.

ConXus Biometrics V1.4

This update includes a number of enhancements to ConXus Biometrics. ConXus Biometrics is a secure online application for managing biometric data.

ConXus Platform Enhancements – June 2018

This update includes a number of enhancements to the ConXus Wellness Hub and the ConXus Administrator Reports.

New Strong to the Core Challenge

Now available for client deployment is a new challenge that focuses on strengthening the shoulders, abdomen, and trunk muscles.

Personalization Enhancements for Users

This update includes improvements in user personalization, dashboard appearance, and client configuration. To further personalize their plan, users can now choose to enroll in recommended action plans based on their health risks and readiness to change. Or they may choose to enroll in other available plans.

ConXus Wellness and Benefits Hub Update

This update includes a number of enhancements to the layout and functionality of the participant wellness dashboard. It also includes a new version of the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge and some minor enhancements to the Lose for Health challenge.

ConXus Challenges – Teams

This update includes enhancements to team challenges and provides greater flexibility in defining challenge completion rules based on either participation or results based completion for use within qualifying activities.

ConXus Challenges – Peer Groups

Peer groups allow participants enrolled in personal or individual challenges to share progress with friends, gaining support and motivation through healthy competition. When peer groups are enabled for a challenge, the Peer Group widget will appear on the challenge dashboard.

ConXus Rewards – Improvement Targets

Wellness Improvements Targets extends the incentive design options that can be supported for outcome-based programs. Incentives may now be awarded to participants who do not meet required target levels but have shown significant improvement from a prior program. This offers a reasonable alternative that rewards healthy change for participants at all risk levels.

ConXus Challenges V3

ConXus Challenges V3 includes a new challenge dashboard, as well as simplified tracking, and enhanced progress charts. Challenges currently active will display using the new challenge dashboard, but will otherwise function as before. Challenges not yet started may take full advantage of enhanced features. Your Client Services Consultant will work with you to upgrade your challenge templates and programs.

ConXus Profile 4.1 Health Assessment

ConXus Profile v4.1 provides clients with greater flexibility in program design for the questions to be included in the questionnaire and the results required for biometrics complete. It includes updates to the tobacco use, alcohol use, and blood pressure checkup questions and assessments for compliance with current guidelines. It also introduces new questions related to interaction with a health coach and work-life balance.

Program Management Tools

The Administrator Portal now provides enhanced tools to manage programs. Program configuration information is available for the overall program and for each ConXus module deployed. Images, attachments, and links to external web sites; program information, news, and informational text may be added or updated at any time during the program year.

Wellness Portal: New Themes & Qualifying Activities

In this update, four new themes have been added to the Wellness Portal dashboard to provide more branding options. Qualifying activities have been extended to allow definition of multiple time periods and/or multiple tiers. And the Google Website Translator plugin is now available to provide translation into over 100 languages.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication has been added ConXus Direct Health Coaching & Documentation System and ConXus Administrator to provide enhanced security for users with access to bulk personal health information. In addition, for clients who use the ConXus Sign-On Portal for participant registration and logon, new sign-on pages can be added, allowing for custom branding without having to maintain multiple eligibility files.

ConXus Wellness Portal Enhancements

Enhancements to the Wellness Portal include addition of Facebook and Twitter widgets, integration of more pedometer devices and apps into activity challenges, and additional configuration options for program text and graphics.

Report and Screening Enhancements

New in this update is the option for ConXus administrators to schedule reports at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, in addition to submitting them manually for immediate execution.  Enhancements have been made to Qualifying Activities and Wellness Targets reports and data exports. And the screening tools have been updated to better match the screener’s workflow.

A New Mobile-Web Wellness Portal

The Wellness Portal has gone through a major upgrade to use mobile-web responsive-design technology, which provides an optimized user experience from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. The redesigned wellness portal drives engagement with a personalized dashboard that directs participants to next steps based on health risks, preferences, and program design.

Four New Wellness Challenges

Four new challenges have been added to the ConXus Connections library: Better Bites, Relax and Revive, Sleep Smart, and Maintain—Don’t Gain. Challenges help participants motivate, encourage, and challenge each other to meet health goals and earn rewards.

Back Care Action Plan

PDHI has added Back Care to the ConXus Steps online health action-plan library. ConXus Steps is a suite of personalized action plans that promote behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices. The library now features thirteen health-improvement plans, including all seven of the topics required in the National Committee for Quality Assurance Wellness and Health Promotion Standards: Self-Management Tools (NCQA WHP 7).

ConXus Profile v4.0: Health Assessment

ConXus Profile v4.0 introduces the ability to manage multiple populations through the use of one instrument. Previously, the adult HRA was built to support populations 18 – 64 years. Version 4.0 adds age-specific questions for users over 65 years, which meet The Center for Disease Control and Prevention minimum requirements for a health risk assessment. Version 4.0 also includes the option to add Medicaid-specific questions appropriate for low-income populations.

Health Coaching System Enhancements

This upgrade includes addition of member program attachments that are viewable by the coach and are not visible to the participant and enhancement of the progress note to allow recording of referrals. It also adds support for review and management of qualifying activities and wellness targets, including the administration of exemptions, and addition of an audit log that records coach access to personal health data for members.

Heart Disease Management Action Plan

PDHI has added Heart Disease Management to the ConXus Steps online health action-plan library.ConXus Steps is a suite of personalized action plans that promote behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices…

Wellness Screenings Enhancements

This upgrade includes the addition of a function to copy a screening definition within a program, to reduce the setup time for employer programs with many similar screening events. It also adds support for the recording of referrals and comments made at a screening event and a new participant narrative report, comparing up to two prior results with current data, designed for programs where a full health risk assessment is not in use.

Program and User Administration

Enhancements to the administration tools for managing portal eligibility, employer groups, and user accounts and included in this upgrade. It also provides enhanced capabilities for creating and updating program news and defining referrals.