ConXus Administrator Provides Advanced Analytics for Health Management

Administrator Portal

ConXus Administrator provides powerful self-service tools for site administration and program management. Multiple administrator roles may be defined to provide controlled access for internal personnel, partners, and customers. Typical administrator roles include:

  • Site administrator
  • Program manager
  • Data manager
  • Customer

User Administration

Tools are provided for creation and management of user accounts for administrators, health coaches, and screeners. Access rights can be restricted by data and function for compliance with the HIPAA Minimum Necessary Rule in limiting access to PHI. User account compliance reports facilitate HIPAA auditing requirements.

To streamline user management for large groups, access rights may be defined for user groups, with user accounts assigned to the group.

Program Management

Program management tools provide access to program configuration, including modules, dates, business rules, and incentives. Program managers may also set up health screening events and assign health coaches and screeners to the program.

While the program is running, program managers may also:

  • Update program information and news
  • Add program resources – images, files, or links to a website
  • Rearrange the participant program dashboard to highlight key activities


Over 55 types of reports are available, including program and coaching participation, incentives, and individual and aggregate results. Reports may be run self-service at the Administrator Portal or can be scheduled to run periodically (e.g. daily, weekly, and monthly).

Reports include multiple selection and data output options and are delivered in PDF or Excel format.

Data Exchange

Data managers are given full visibility into the data exchange process including status, logs, and error files.

Batch-import tools allow loading of data on a scheduled or as-needed basis. The load process supports full or partial data loads and corrections to previously loaded data. Where appropriate, the load process also verifies participant eligibility at the time of data load.

Multiple formats and file types are supported, including eligibility, incentive awards, and screening results. We support the native formats delivered by Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and CRL Labs.

Batch-export tools allow results to be transferred to the client data warehouse or to third-party vendors. Multiple formats and file types are supported, including incentives, coaching data, health assessments, and screening results. Data exports may be run on a scheduled or as needed basis.