Administrator Portal

ConXus Administrator provides program administrators with powerful self-service tools accessed from a secure online portal. Administrators initiate and manage programs, track progress, and measure results.

Program Management

Using ConXus Administrator, client administrators initiate programs with information specific to each employer end client. This may include definition of:

  • Key dates
  • Biometric screening events
  • Incentives
  • Employer logos
  • Program news and instructions
  • Workplace challenges
  • Company and community wellness events
  • Coaches assigned to the program

User Management

Administrators with appropriate privilege can create and manage coach, screener, and administrator user accounts, and also define and manage user groups.

Forms Management

PDHI delivers end-to-end services for form management. Forms can be:

  • Branded and configured to auto-populate the participant’s data (e.g.: name, ID, gender, date of birth) for ease of completion and identification.
  • Downloaded by the participant from the wellness hub as a printable PDF
  • Uploaded (scanned or JPEG) at the wellness hub, or returned using secure eFax, by the participant when completed
  • Processed by the client or by PDHI.
  • Uploaded forms are automatically attached to the participant record for review and storage.

Forms include but are not limited to:

  • Provider biometric results
  • Consent
  • Surveys
  • Smoking attestation
  • Event attendance


Client administrators run self-service reports at the Administrator Portal. Reports can be defined by service level, date range, and employer group or subgroup. Reports can be scheduled to run periodically (e.g. daily, weekly, and monthly).

Over 55 types of report can be selected, including program participation, compliance, and outcomes. All reports have a predesigned format but are delivered as a PDF or an Excel file, thus can be further manipulated once delivered.

Data Management

Batch-import tools allow loading of data on a scheduled or as-needed basis. The load process supports full or partial data loads and corrections to previously loaded data. Where appropriate, the load process also verifies participant eligibility at the time of data load and gives immediate online access to log and error files.

Batch-export tools allow results to be transferred to the client data warehouse or to third-party vendors.

  • Reports profile the population for a selected service level or employer group or subgroup.
  • Comparison reports show progress over time for the population (all participants in each time period) and the cohort (participants in both time periods only).
  • Participation reports and completion rates are available for all the other modules such as challenges, events, and action plans.

All reports can be run by service level, employer group or subgroup, and date range.

Import tools allow loading of eligibility data, laboratory results, and scanned paper forms. Batch exports provide access to all clinical data for analysis.

Administrators set up controls to access functions and data according to class of administrator.