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Wellness Screenings Enhancements

Available: May 14, 2014

This upgrade includes the addition of a function to copy a screening definition within a program, to reduce the setup time for employer programs with many similar screening events. It also adds support for the recording of referrals and comments made at a screening event and a new participant narrative report, comparing up to two prior results with current data, designed for programs where a full health risk assessment is not in use.

A more detailed description of these changes is provided below.

Description of Enhancements

Screening Event Copy

A screening event copy function has been added to allow a screening event definition to be copied to a new event within the same program. This is designed to reduce the setup time for employer programs with many similar screening events.

  • Referrals: One or more referrals may be defined for a screening event. Referrals checked by the screener are output in the follow-up section of the screening reports and pushed through to a new “Referrals” section of the coaching tools.
  • Comments: A ‘comments for the participant’ section may be added to the screening event definition, for entry of free text by the screener. Any entered comments are included in the follow up section of the screening reports.

Narrative Report

A narrative report option has been provided in addition to the current summary screening report. This report may be printed by the screener and also delivered to the participant online at the wellness portal. The narrative report includes:

  • A summary table of results for the current program and two previous programs, if available.
  • A narrative discussion of current results and recommended actions.
  • A follow-up section, which may include red flag alerts, referrals, and comments for the participant

Screening Report

The screening report has been enhanced to include weight (lbs) to the BMI results section, and the addition of borderline high/low ranges to the target results section for results that are assessed as too high/too low and have a borderline range.

Coaching Tools and Referrals

The coaching platform has been updated to allow a coach to add one or more referrals to each Progress Note. This option will be displayed only if referrals are available for a given participant. All referrals, from screening or progress note, are displayed to the coach on the Progress Notes tab, below the list of progress notes.

Administrator Portal

The administrator portal has been updated to allow definition of referrals for the site and/or a specific employer group.