ConXus Biometrics v1.4 |

ConXus Biometrics v1.4

Available: July 23, 2018

ConXus Biometrics is a secure online application for managing biometric data. It operates independently or as part of the integrated ConXus Platform to support population management programs.

ConXus Biometrics V1.4 includes the following enhancements:

  • Addition of telephone number and email address as options for data collection, including a NA response option when unavailable.
  • Addition of Pulse, Non-HDL, and BMD T-Score as test result options.
  • New response options to Cotinine test for Inconclusive and Test Refused.
  • New configuration options allowing individual cholesterol tests to be included in a screening instead of automatically including all.
  • Addition of default values for Company Code and Alternate Group ID to better support screener manual addition of members to eligibility.