ConXus Connection: New Challenges |

Four New Wellness Challenges

Available: August 10, 2015

Four new challenges have been added to the ConXus Connections library: Better Bites, Relax and Revive, Sleep Smart, and Maintain—Don’t Gain. Challenges help participants motivate, encourage, and challenge each other to meet health goals and earn rewards.

The library now features eight challenges:

Great River Walk ChallengeGreat River Walk Journeying down the Mississippi while adding more activity
Make a Move ChallengeMake a Move Boosting physical activity to benefit mind and body
Lose for Health ChallengeLose for Health Losing a little weight for big health benefits
Maintain-Don't Gain ChallengeMaintain–Don’t Gain! Preventing weight gain while enjoying the holidays
Better Bites ChallengeBetter Bites Consuming more fruits and veggies for better health
Hydrate for Life ChallengeHydrate for Life Drinking a little more water to refresh the day
Relax and Revive ChallengeRelax and Revive! Renewing outlook with just a few moments of downtime
Sleep Smart ChallengeSleep Smart Getting enough rest to improve daily performance

Individual challenges may be run as corporate challenges, with a fixed start date and duration, or as personal challenges for participants to travel at their own pace.

Team challenges allow participants to form teams and work together to reach milestones. Individual and team progress charts, a league table, and blogs encourage healthy competition.

Client configuration options determine the start date, duration, and incentive points available for a challenge when it is deployed to a group. A customizable toolkit of promotional materials includes poster templates, mailers, and a how-to-guide for wellness coordinators.

Participants may track challenge progress manually within the Wellness Portal. For activity challenges, data may be autologged from a range of popular fitness devices. Devices supported include BodyMedia® FIT, Fitbit®, Fitbug Orb®, Garmin Vivifit®, Jawbone® UP™, and the Moves app.

Messages prompt participation and advancement in the challenge. As they reach each milestone, participants view health information, videos, and motivational tips to develop healthier habits.