ConXus Platform Enhancements — June 2023 | White-label Digital Health Solutions

ConXus Platform Enhancements — June 2023

Available: June 1, 2023


These enhancements include updates to software functionality and features as well as fixes to reported issues. The update will be completed during our standard maintenance period beginning at 3:00am CST and to be completed by 6:00am CST on the morning of June 1, 2023. We do not expect any downtime for the completion of this update, but performance may be impacted during the update.

Software Features

The following updates have been made to software functionality and features.

Improved Coaching Widget Experience

To provide an improved participant interface for booking appointments, the coaching widget has been updated to display only available dates and times for selection. The participant experience has also been enhanced for canceling an existing appointment, rescheduling an appointment, and for viewing of coaching goals.

ConXus Health Coaching widget screenshot displaying scheduling of an appointment

Ability to Delete Screening Events

Screeners who have been assigned the “Delete Screening Records” privilege can now delete screening result records that were created in error. This action also removes the screening results from any associated health risk assessment and updates the Wellness Targets.

Reported Issues

The following issues have been corrected.

Health Coach Personal Health Record Biometric Update

As a health coach, when updating an incorrect biometric result in the Personal Health Record, if a value fell outside of the acceptable range, the system would automatically store the minimum or maximum threshold instead of the actual value. This has been corrected, allowing the entered value to remain, even if it is outside the acceptable range.