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Introducing the Park Pass – Northeast Activity Challenge

Available: February 28, 2024


Introducing the third installment of our National Park activity challenge series, Park Pass – Northeast! Get your participants engaged with a virtual journey through the Northeast national parks where fitness meets the great outdoors. Park Pass – Northeast focuses on improving physical activity by trying new exercises inspired by popular activities like ice-skating, tide pooling, and scuba diving at each of the U.S. Northeast National Parks. With a mapped route that displays progress, this challenge is an opportunity for challengers to feel the burn and forge their path to ultimate well-being!

Park Pass - Northeast Challenge displayed on an iphone and Mac laptop.

How it Works

Interactive Experience: Park Pass – Northeast consists of 10 milestones, each representing a renowned national park in the Northeast. As participants log their activity, they will unlock a new destination filled with fun facts, motivational times, and recommended exercises inspired by popular park activities, such as Flutter Kicks, Speed Skaters, and Half Squats. This new region to explore comes with new opportunities for physical activity as participants challenge themselves to reach:

  1. Voyageurs National Park
  2. Isle Royale National Park
  3. Indiana Dunes National Park
  4. Gateway Arch National Park
  5. Mammoth Cave National Park
  6. New River Gorge National Park & Preserve
  7. Shenandoah National Park
  8. Acadia National Park
  9. White Mountain National Forest
  10. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Activity Tracking: Log any of the 20 physical activities, such as walking, hiking, running, or biking, through our user-friendly challenge dashboard. The tracker is customizable, so you can add additional popular activities to the drop-down list, making it easier for your participants to log their activity. Popular fitness devices and apps including Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, and Google Fit can be connected to automatically capture daily step data.

Competition: Enrolled participants can join forces with colleagues, friends, or family members eligible for the program and create teams or peer groups to motivate one another. Sharing progress, encouraging healthy competition, and celebrating achievements can lead to higher engagement and outcomes.

Motivation: As participants conquer each milestone, they can receive incentive points and push messages featuring their earned park badges. Messages are tailored to communication preferences, whether by SMS text or email, at the optimal moment for maximum impact.

Park Pass Northeast Badges

Park Pass – Northeast is an incredible adventure and an opportunity to prioritize well-being and embrace an active lifestyle. Engaging with nature, even virtually, has been proven to boost self-esteem, strengthen the core, and increase longevity.