New Variety of Wellness Challenges |

New Variety of Wellness Challenges

Available: September 17, 2020


We’ve enhanced our suite of challenge topics to include financial wellness, COVID-19 prevention, and household organization. Challenges include rich content, multiple configuration options, and a comprehensive package of marketing and communication materials to support your wellness campaigns.

Wallet Watch

This 8-week financial wellness challenge advises participants on how to build better spending habits to gain financial security. Participants watch their savings grow from smart purchasing decisions like favoring cash over credit and buying in season.

Stop the Spread

This 4-week prevention challenge offers strategies for slowing the spread of COVID-19 at home, at work, and throughout the community. Participants track how often they comply with proven tactics such as social distancing, handwashing, and face covering.

Cut the Clutter

This 2-week organization challenge motivates participants to tidy small and large spaces in their home. Every logged minute of sorting and storing works to reclaim living spaces and lower stress.