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Challenges & Events

ConXus Connection delivers localized workplace challenges and events designed to help participants motivate, encourage, and challenge each other to meet health goals and earn rewards.


Each challenge focuses on one small behavior change. Repeating the same simple daily action, such as adding more steps or eating extra vegetables, for a number of weeks develops the healthy habit.

Alerts and reminders trigger action, peer groups provide support, while team leaderboards, interactive maps, and progress charts enhance motivation.

The following wellness challenges are available:

Bases Loaded Challenge
Bases Loaded Swinging for the fences for a healthier tomorrow
Hoops for Health Challenge
Hoops for Health Shooting for a healthier lifestyle on and off the court
Eat Well Challenge
Eat Well Reaching the next level in healthy eating with better food choices
Great River Walk Challenge
Great River Walk Journeying down the Mississippi while adding more activity
Better Bites Challenge
Better Bites Consuming more fruits and veggies for better health
Big Island Trek Challenge
Big Island Trek Exploring this exotic Hawaiian isle while increasing physical activity
Hydrate for Life Challenge
Hydrate for Life Drinking a little more water to refresh the day
Make a Move Challenge
Make a Move Boosting physical activity to benefit mind and body
Relax and Revive Challenge
Relax and Revive! Renewing outlook with just a few moments of downtime
Strong to the Core Challenge
Strong to the Core Improving balance, flexibility, and back health with simple exercises
Sleep Smart Challenge
Sleep Smart Getting enough rest to improve daily performance
Lose For Health Challenge
Lose for Health Losing a little weight for big health benefits
Page Turner Challenge
Page Turner Reading for fun, relaxation, and new insights
Maintain Don't Gain Challenge
Maintain Don’t Gain! Preventing weight gain while enjoying the holidays
Step Up Challenge
Step Up Stair-climbing for better stamina and strength

Challenges can be deployed to a wellness program as one of the following types. Not all options are available for each challenge.

Personal challenges allow participants to enroll in at any time, based on their personal goals.

Corporate challenges have a fixed start date and duration, and can be deployed as:

  • Individual– where participants work individually to reach milestones
  • Team– where participants form teams and work together to reach milestones

Personal and individual challenges support peer groups, allowing participants to share progress with friends.

Participants can easily track progress manually within the Wellness & Benefits Hub. For activity challenges, data may be autologged from a range of popular fitness devices and activity trackers.

ConXus XP data can be autologged from a range of popular fitness devices and activity trackers

Challenges can be delivered as a standalone or combined with other ConXus modules. Client configuration options determine the start date, duration, and incentive points available for a challenge when it is deployed to a group. A customizable toolkit of promotional materials includes poster templates, mailers, and a how-to guide for wellness coordinators.


Employer-defined health events or activities may occur throughout the year. They can include employer-sponsored activities like a wellness seminar and community programs like a walk/run or flu shot clinic.

Clients can maintain the list of available activities and configure events to:

  • Take place on a specific date or during a defined period
  • Allow completion by participant self-report or by an administrator
  • Deliver event information and communication materials
  • Define incentives awarded for completion of each event

Management Reporting

Client administrators run self-service reports showing participation and progress. Reports can be run by service level, date range, and employer group or subgroup.