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5 Advantages of White-Labeling Digital Health Solutions

White-labeling refers to companies licensing products or services and rebranding them under their own identity. With this method, companies can leverage the latest technologies without needing to invest in their own development. Here’s why white-labeling has gained popularity, particularly in the health industry:

1. Optimizes Resources

White-labeling can be an effective way for organizations to create custom-branded experiences without having to build each component using internal resources. This saves time and money, freeing up resources for more crucial areas of the business.

2. Provides a Seamless User Experience

White-labeling features like vanity URLs allow you to define the domain name, ensuring a seamless transition to your digital health solutions when using single sign-on (SSO) from a benefits or member portal. This eliminates confusion for users when accessing their accounts, resulting in higher utilization.

3. Builds Trust

Due to online scams and data breaches, members may be reluctant to provide sensitive information to an unknown entity. White-labeling can reinforce a sense of trust among users and an organization by directing them to a solution that is recognizable rather than a third-party site. Therefore, members are more likely to complete their tasks, increasing completion rates.

4. Creates Consistency

With the ability to change the look and feel of your solutions using logos, colors, imagery, fonts, etc., all elements will reflect a consist and reliable brand. Customizing elements such as navigation menus or content displays on mobile devices (i.e., responsive design) creates a uniform experience regardless of the device or browser used. This ensures that all users know what to expect when engaging with your solutions—which leads to maximized user satisfaction.

5. Controls Design Updates

Having the power to make periodic updates to your solutions as your brand evolves and new trends are introduced is essential. A user interface that draws attention increases engagement.

Though white-labeling has been around for some time, it continues to be a popular strategy for many reasons. With white-labeling, you can create custom-branded experiences using existing technology solutions that save time and money. Clients on our white-labeled ConXus Platform benefit from a seamless, consistent, and improved user experience.

“We were impressed with PDHI’s wide range of applications and with the flexibility to tailor them…”

If you’re considering white-labeling for your business, keep these 5 advantages in mind.

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