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Meeting State Medicaid Health Risk Assessment Requirements

Many Medicaid departments have issued state-specific standardized health risk assessments and require contracted MCO plans to assess newly enrolled members within 90 days of enrollment and in some cases annually thereafter. In addition to the burden of data collection, state Medicaid departments also require that assessment results are submitted on a periodic basis using defined file...
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eTrueNorth Strengthens Delivery System with PDHI Partnership

Collaboration further empowers local retail pharmacies to perform wellness screenings

Fort Worth, October 23, 2018 – eTrueNorth, the premier, integrated pharmacy-based clinical-services network, has selected technology-platform provider PDHI to empower secure storage and transfer of wellness-screening information from retail pharmacies to biometric screeners, wellness companies and health plans. This partnership further demonstrates eTrueNorth’s capability of establishing a national wellness-screening voucher program.

PDHI is a HITRUST CSF Certified technology platform provider that works with healthcare organizations to facilitate the management of health information. eTrueNorth recently announced the creation of a nationwide network that will make it easier for employers to gather biometric data from employees as part of wellness programs. Wellness-program participants may now obtain biometric screenings at their local pharmacies thanks to the eLabNetwork™ Voucher Solution.

“This partnership is significant as it further positions eTrueNorth and its network of more than 4,000 retail pharmacies to securely collect and transmit screening results,” said Coral May, President of eTrueNorth. “PDHI’s technology platform provides the security and scalability needed to power eTrueNorth delivery objectives.”

eTrueNorth maintains the eLabNetwork which is composed of independent CLIA-waived laboratories located in retail pharmacies. eLabNetwork software coordinates eligibility, pharmacy selection, scheduling, voucher creation, and billing for lipids, glucose, common vaccines and basic counseling.

“We are excited to be chosen to provide the technology backbone to eTrueNorth’s transformative plans in healthcare. They imagine a future where consumers can obtain clinical services at retail pharmacies. This service offering will improve access for consumers and help them understand their risk for chronic disease. PDHI is proud to be a part of this important effort,” said Jennifer Jolley, PDHI’s Chief Executive Officer.

The PDHI platform is cloud-based, and widely used by healthcare organizations nationwide. “Pharmacists, biometric screeners, wellness companies and health plans can rest assured that eTrueNorth is powering its network with the best-in-class healthcare technology provider,” said May.


About PDHI

PDHI is a technology-services organization that develops and distributes the ConXus Platform for delivering workplace wellness and population health management programs. PDHI clients include wellness providers, accountable-care organizations, large employers, third-party administrators, hospital systems, and health plans. ConXus solutions are integrated, flexible and secure, allowing clients to focus on the delivery of program services rather than the development and maintenance of supporting technology.

About eTrueNorth

eTrueNorth is an integrated, pharmacy-based, clinical services network. We help consumers fit healthcare into everyday life via the convenience and accessibility of retail pharmacy. Working with wellness vendors and Diabetes Prevention Programs, our network provides screenings with immediate test results for the participant and real-time data transmission to the vendor. Health plans benefit by our ability to engage plan members at the pharmacy counter and address gaps in care ranging from diabetes measures such as HbA1c to medication adherence and hypertension control. eTrueNorth’s integrated network is a tangible example of healthcare organizations working together to find creative solutions that drive access, quality and affordability. To learn more, visit eTrueNorth.com or contact CV Abdallah at (315) 374-7792 or cv@eTrueNorth.com.

Sustainable Behavior Change

Behavior change is difficult. Whether it is exercising more, eating healthier, or better managing blood pressure, attempts to change health-related behaviors often fail. But some individuals do successfully change a behavior and stick with it for the long term. Extensive research has identified the factors that contribute to sustainable health behavior change, and these best...
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Using a Health Risk Assessment to Improve Your Medicaid Quality Measures

In April 2016 CMS published a final rule requiring that all states implement a quality rating system for Medicaid managed care plans over a period of three years. The goal is to increase transparency in Medicaid and CHIP, allow States to compare plan performance, and empower consumers to consider health plan quality when selecting a...
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Choosing the Right Health Coaching Platform

Health coaching is a people intensive business. A robust coaching platform can help a coaching organization optimize deployment of their coach resources and ensure that all coaches deliver a high quality, consistent coaching experience. Choosing the right coaching platform for your business will depend on the size of your organization and the range of coach services...
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New NCQA Population Health Management Standards

The recently announced National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) 2018 Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) standards and guidelines include a new category: Population Health Management (PHM). PHM combines existing standards, such as wellness and complex case management, with data analytics for identifying population needs, targeting resources to the right individuals, and evaluating the impact...
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Health Risk Assessment for Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires a health risk assessment to be included in the Annual Wellness Visit. The purpose of the Medicare health assessment is to identify heath needs and risk factors so beneficiaries can be directed to appropriate care, ultimately improving outcomes and reducing costs. The Center for Disease Control and...
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